A medical doctor and specialist in the latest Biotech, he is a new arrival in the UCAS and is looking for a better way.


130 years ago, he would’ve been called the Aryan Ideal. A tall, well built man, standing at just over 2 meters, his striking blue eyes are matched with light blonde hair and a thin, aquiline nose. He is not, however, just a pretty face; behind this Adonis like appearance lies an incredibly sharp mind. For 22 years, he worked at the Saeder-Krupp Megacorp in the Biotech Division. After a series of experiments was proposed to utilize SINless individuals as guinea pigs for new variations of Bioware, he declared a morale opposition to the research. It was at this point he was “kindly” forced to retire. When he left, he swore to find a better way in a better place. A new arrival in the UCAS, he is looking for an easy and effective way to make money and start up a Biotech company of his own focused on the improvement of general life for all, not just the select few.

Despite the circumstances of his retirement, he still keeps in contact with his old boss, Dr. Andrew Cohen, the head of the Biotech Division at Saeder-Krupp. His extensive medical knowledge enables him to effectively act as a Trauma doctor and surgeon as well as install and repair the most advanced Bioware in the world. In addition to this, he is a very good people person and can diffuse even some of the most tense situations with a quick word.

His reasons for becoming a Shadowrunner are shrouded in mystery. A respectable and qualified, individual, he would seemingly have no difficulty in landing a job at any of the other major corporations out there not to mention any medical facility worldwide. Is there perhaps a hidden facet to this man that drives him?


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