small, centipede-like exploration drone


handling: 1 accel: 2/10 speed: 10 device: 3
pilot: 3 body: 0 armor: 0 sensor: 1 (signal 2)
firewall: 3 signal: 3 response: 3 system: 3

gecko tips, weapon mount: monofilament whip, rigger adaptation, chameleon coating, microdrone sensor, monofilament chainsaw

Proxy’s go-to exploration and stealth drone, Midna is named after a character in an antique video game. The machine is compact, small, and can roll up to fit into Proxy’s prosthetic abdominal pouch… and in fact, is usually there. It rarely goes out on its own and if it is active, it is highly likely Proxy is behind the “wheel”. It is hard to spot, very agile and able to get into the most absurd places, due in part to the stealth field and wall-climbing abilities it possesses, and partially due to its monofilament chainsaw front claw. Hidden in the back is a deadly surprise for anyone who threatens Proxy’s favorite toy.



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